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The Video Kitchen produces high quality videos catered for any budget

At The Video Kitchen we create a cornucopia of video content for our diverse clients, specifically catered to their brand’s needs. Save time by chopping out the hassle of confusing quotations. Make a reservation with our creative team and jump to the front of the queue to take your seat at our table of creativity.

Are you facing these challenges?

How much does it cost to create a Video?

You can create a video from less than HK$6,000!At The Video Kitchen we have created packages that show you exactly what you are paying for. No need to go back and forward on doing quotes. Our prices are upfront and our packages are designed so that you don’t waste money paying for extras you don’t need.  

Does this mean the quality is lower?

No! Most SME’s and Corporates don’t need expensive directors and pre-production time. By packaging our videos we can give you fast and affordable content without long lead in times. You know your story, we know how to tell it at a price that makes sense. Plus we own all our own hi quality film equipment so we can offer these amazing deals.

Why are your videos so much cheaper than other companies’?

Our packages are designed so we can move fast and effectively. The more time you spend on a production the more money it costs. We have tailored out videos into a streamlined system that makes the whole process incredibly fast and affordable.

Do you offer subscription packages or retainer discounts?

Yes! Video is becoming more and more essential to business’s and the need for fresh content is important. At The Video Kitchen we can do monthly subscriptions so your video presence is continually updated.


Choose from either our popular Curated Packages or hop over to our Pricing Page  to find the right video production solution for you. Don’t see what you’re after, no problem just contact us and we’ll find the right fit for you.

our curated packages

Save the hassle of quoting and jump right in to one of our curated video packages.

About Us

To ensure video production in Hong Kong is accessible, affordable and achieves maximum effect, we hone our collective passion and skill for cooking up engaging video content. Our video production packages cater to the ever-changing and demanding market, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of the industry. Using film-grade equipment and the latest 4k technology, combined with our team of chefs’ collective skills and knowledge ensures we keep video production within budget, on schedule, and with maximum results achieved – the perfect culinary combination to increase your money-making potential. Grab a spoon, we have something for everyone!

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