There are many reasons why using video as a marketing tool is preferable over other forms of advertising. Here we delve into The Video Kitchen’s top 5 reasons why you…

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video

26 Nov, 2019

There are many reasons why using video as a marketing tool is preferable over other forms of advertising. Here we delve into The Video Kitchen’s top 5 reasons why you should be planning your video production strategy.

1. Video boosts sales

It’s no surprise that incorporating video production into your marketing strategy will boost your conversion rates and sales. Adding video content to your landing page, social media sites, or other platforms will increase engagement and therefore drive sales. Statistics show that using video content to market or explain your product and services will increase conversions by approximately 80%. That is a figure we’re not going to turn our noses up at!

Of all the senses, vision is typically the most dominant over audio, taste and touch. So, it’s no shocker that video content is the most effective way to transmit information. And if a picture can speak a thousand words, imagine how many a video will get you…

In 2019, 83% of businesses reported that video production had provided them with a good return on investment (ROI). Despite not being the easiest or cheapest marketing method around, the results achieved made the effort worthwhile.

2. Video explains everything

Creating a video to explain what you offer or how your product works is by far the easiest way to show customers the merits of your design or services. 96% of video consumers said they had watched a video to learn more about a product or service, and of that majority, 68% said this is their preferred way of engaging with companies and services.

The statistics reflect that video content is both engaging and educational, as well as highly influential on the decisions of users to purchase products and/or services.

Most of us learn through visual stimulation because it’s easy to engage and relate with, which means the most effective way to teach is through video. This approach brings concepts to life in a way that still-life photos or text cannot, enabling you to emphasise the storytelling aspect of your marketing strategy – the part that most consumers relate to, and remember, most.

3. Video builds trust

Through video we are able to transmit personality, character and style. This is important in enabling us to build a relationship with customers, resulting in the kind of trust necessary to increase conversions and sales. Trust is the foundation which drives sales, so it is important to incorporate this relatable element into video production.

So, forget about sales-driven video content, and start focusing on content that is engaging and customer driven, as this kind of narrative is integral to building trust between you and your customers. Without that trust, you will struggle to convert views into shares and sales.

4. Video appeals to a growing majority

It’s no secret that the vast majority of consumers (approximately 80% according to Forbes) consider video marketing content before making a purchase decision. YouTube reports that video consumption on mobile devices rises by a staggering 100% each year – which is no surprise given the universal instinct to reach for our phones when we need an answer to a burning question. These statistics back up the fact that most customers are watching on their mobile devices whilst on the go, and not on their desktop or laptop computers at home or in the office.

The conclusion we should draw here is that marketing content needs to appeal to this fast-paced and fast-growing population. And that population is devouring reams and reams of videos per year. Google reports that smartphone users are twice as likely than TV or desktop viewers to focus on and connect with video content and advertisements on their mobiles than on any other kind of device. As the number of smartphone users increases, so too does the potential audience for your video content.

5. Video engages everyone – even the lazy ones

Video is the most accessible method of disseminating information, especially for the “lazier” generation who watch while on the go, or consume multiple media platforms simultaneously. 48% of users said they were more likely to share engaging, fun video content over any other kind (news and blog articles, social media posts, and product pages).

Life is much too busy to read long articles or dig deep into the various well-laid-out pages of a company’s website. We want information, and we want it right now! It is much more effective to incorporate a 2-minute video on your home page explaining your services, than to describe it in 5 paragraphs on an “About Us” page.

Plus, video marketing appeals to a wider audience, as it works on many levels and is accessible to a wider range of consumers, so of course it’s the most highly shared and watched media online. Targeting the visual, as well as the audio, will double your results, meaning you reach twice as many customers.

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