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Case Studies Package

“Look What We Did…”


Has your company completed a big project this year?


Has your company overcome a big challenge with your unique strategy?


Have you reached or exceeded a major industry milestone?

Authentic and simple in approach, our producers will work with you to find the best way to produce your professional video case study, that will communicate your company’s unique milestones, successes and achievements, allowing your potential clients, investors and clients to see your phenomenal success stories.


Communicating the organisation, execution and outcomes of your marketing campaigns, human resources policy, events (see our Events Packages page)

and sales achievements, with an in depth observational and analytical video that will enhance your company’s standing in your industry and demonstrate your company and staff’s techniques in overcoming challenges and or obstacles with your expertise, team work and problem solving skills. Proving what sets you apart from your competitors.


In a “people oriented” market it is vital that your investors, staff and customers see how your company and brand is evolving. As a learning and information tool a video an invaluable asset for your company profile. It can be a pivotal element to your marketing strategy and brand awareness campaign.


The Video Kitchen has successfully produced case study videos for our local and international clients. Forfiling their video content needs for internal company communications and or part of an extensive social media plan.


The Video Kitchen team knows how to produce professional stand out case study videos. Let’s start a conversation now and discover our video making skills.


At The Video Kitchen we create a cornucopia of video content for our diverse clients, specifically catered to their brand’s needs. Save time by chopping out the hassle of confusing quotations. Make a reservation with our creative team and jump to the front of the queue to take your seat at our table of creativity.

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