About US

The Video Kitchen (TVK) is a disruptive new way to create video content.

We believe there is a better way to create high quality video production content without paying through the nose.



Access to high quality video production equipment including editing software and cameras has come down massively in the last 10 years. So why aren’t other video production companies passing on this to the customer?

We believe that video content is important to grow your business and that everyone should have access to high quality production. Our formula is to have smaller crews and to turn around quicker times. That way you get your video faster and we pass on that saving to you



We are experienced producers who have worked for years writing and creating video content. We own our own equipment which means we can cut down costs and give you the best deal. We are passionate about making really great cinematic content and helping our clients to sell more product, get more views or increase their brand awareness.



Our promise to our clients is that we will do a high-quality job that is affordable for them. That’s why some clients use on a subscription basis. We can turn out fast and affordable content.

Every project is unique, and we cut out the fat so we can streamline the process.

The Video Kitchen is the future and our team is ready to create magnificent creations worthy of as Michelin star!