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‘My Business rocks’ Package


Every company has a story, and every potential customer needs to hear it.

A well-made video production can increase your profile and make you more relatable to customers.

Our Producers come in with a list of questions and work out the best way to tell you story. Using hi grade film equipment we can create stunning videos to make your business stand out from the competitors.  

Creating an engaging video can make an emotional connection to your brand and thus covert new customers.

We recommend that most video should be between 90 – 2mins in duration. We know that consumers have a short attention span and they want to be entertained and not burdened down with too many facts. 


Depending on your business you may only want to have a social media strategy and keep it even shorter. There are no rules and every production we do is different from the other.


At The Video Kitchen we believe in making hi quality videos accessible and affordable. 

Now is the time to increase your profile!

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