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‘My Business rocks’ Package


Every company has a unique business story, and every potential client and customer needs to hear it.

Video Kitchen Producers will take the time to learn everything there is to know about your business. Creating a comprehensive “off-menu” questionnaire for you and your colleagues to answer. Call it a fact finding brand manifesto that will enable our team to help you create your unique brief for your package. This brief will include all of the key messages, tone and business attributes required to tell your story.

It has been proven that a bespoke and entertaining video production can increase your profile and make your brand more relatable to customers.

Highlighting your origins, your vision, your challenges and how you overcame them, your goals, your market strategies and business DNA will inform your potential clients and customers about your business and illustrate what sets you apart from your competitors.

Using industry grade film equipment, we can create stunning videos to make your business stand out from your competitors.  

The goal is to creating an engaging video that connects with your demographic. Attracting new media buzz and new customers.

At The Video Kitchen we believe that all of our diverse clients, new and established deserve affordable, hi quality video content. Accessible to all for maximum exposure of your brand.


In this age of video saturation the consumers attention spans are short, with our extensive experience we recommend video durations between 90sec – 2mins.

We are professionals at delivering irresistible, mouth-watering content that is message focused and entertaining. 


Depending on your media plan, you may only want to use a social media strategy and create a shorter video 15, 30 or 45 sec. There are no rules, every video production plan is tailored to maximise your business story’s impact.

At The Video Kitchen we create a cornucopia of video content for our diverse clients, specifically catered to their brand’s needs. Save time by chopping out the hassle of confusing quotations. Make a reservation with our creative team and jump to the front of the queue to take your seat at our table of creativity.

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