Dessert Package

Dessert Package

Do you need assistance with the A-Z of video content production? Do you have an idea but not a clue where to start or how to progress from where you are?


If the answer is yes, then the Dessert package is just what you need.


The Dessert package includes all the icing, as well as the glacé cherry on top of the cake. We offer an all-inclusive package that takes the stress out of the process and allows you to pass the reins onto a specialist video production team who will do everything for you, including the research, creating storyboards, writing scripts, as well as all the filming, editing, and final production.


The Dessert package starts with a rigorous pre-production process, including an initial production meeting, storyboard and script creation (with your input and necessary sign off before progressing). Once the creative recipe is finalised, the practical elements include 2 days of shooting with a dedicated 2-person crew, followed by a stringent 4-day editing process, including professional colour grading. After which, we offer 3 rounds of changes if necessary to ensure we exceed your expectations and deliver the best video content possible.

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