Main Course Package

Main Course package

Is your content difficult to explain? Does it take some time and effort to successfully describe the merits of your company’s product or services?


Then look no further than the Main Course package!


The Main Course package is designed to tease out and subtly highlight the more complex aspects of your narrative. It is particularly well-suited to multi-layered and intricate storylines that require a bit more time and attention to detail to get just right. This is because there are multiple narratives or detailed plotlines that need to interlink and overlay in the right combination so that they melt together to produce a high-quality end product that educates as well as entertains. We also offer the option of integrating your logo and lower third graphics into the footage to add to the production quality – an ideal way to emphasise your message or brand further.


With a full day of shooting conducted by a dedicated 2-person crew, the Main Course package allows plenty of time to play with the possible ingredients. We shoot a selection of angles and shots so that when we get to the editing, we have a lot of great material to work with. We allow for 3 days of editing, in which your input, as Top Chef, is really valued. This package will produce up to 2 minutes of edited content.

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