Starter Package

Starter package

Our Starter package is perfect for producing videos that need to convey simple and straight-forward information in an easily digestible way, without breaking the bank. In particular, they are ideal if you want to deliver your message succinctly with a creative and unique flavour. Videos of interviews, meetings or testimonials don’t have to be one-dimensional and flat, as too often is the case. Here at The Video Kitchen we believe that the simplicity of this package gives us the opportunity to be playful and inventive with the format and delivery of your video content without overcomplicating the recipe.


You know that saying: too many cooks spoil the broth!


The Starter package is simple yet effective: a 2-person crew will shoot your project for a total of 4 hours. After that, we’ll edit the footage in our studio for a full day to produce up to 2 minutes of edited content for you. The Starter package guarantees a quick turn-around time. And if the final product isn’t 100% to your taste, don’t worry, we’ll honour 2 rounds of changes to tweak it to perfection.

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