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The Brief

GSBN requested for us to create an informative video about their business and how their platform works. The whole pre production process was quite efficient. GSBN came to us with their resources and requirements and within a week we were able to get started with production. 

Their requirements were straightforward which helped fasten the process of production. 2 parts were required: Part 1 mainly included stock footage and Part 2 was animation. Before starting production, our team educated ourselves about the company and what it’s about so that we know what appropriate stock footage to search for. 

As for The Video Kitchen’s brand, we made sure that all our resources were at an affordable price and our package included good deals. Stock footage and GFX can be pricey but we gave GSBN a good deal that still covers all expenses!

 The Result

GSBN chose the “My Business Rocks” package to showcase the company’s vision and introduce what GSBN is all about. With a mix of stock footage, animation, music and colour, the video  looked less of a stereotypical corporate video and a much more informative but intriguing video for their audience to watch. 

Our team worked really fast with gathering the footage, getting it’s approval from the client and our design team worked fast to create something that would blend well with the rest of the video. 


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