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Maisto Tech 4×4 Monster Drift

The Brief

Toy car manufacturer and producer, May Cheong Group, reached out to us and requested our tailor made package as it best meets the needs of what May Cheong would like the final product to look like and the offers a tailor made package consists of. Like the other packages The Video Kitchen has to offer, the tailor made package allows us to expand our creative horizons and to cook up “new flavours” that is customised to our clients brand and the message of their video. May Cheong asked us to create a video that is fresh and enjoyable to watch but also has an edge to it that would urge children to want to purchase this car. They requested the shoot would take place at their warehouse as it best captures the products true essence. 

Over here at The Video Kitchen, we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and that we deliver quick but at the best quality!

The Result 

In reference to other Maisto Tech’s toy car videos, Formula 1 videos and toy car ads. We managed to formulate a new video that best highlights the car’s features and what it has to offer to its target consumers, in this case – children!

Through the use of lighting, transitions, after effects and camera angles. From point of view shots to wide angle shots, we showcased a variety of ways that can make a video exciting and enjoyable for people to watch. The shoot lasted a day and made sure that we hired external equipment and talent was kept within budget. The whole process did not take too long, the turnaround time for delivery was around 3 to 4 days. 

And just like that, our team were very satisfied with how the final product turned out! Something new and exciting for The Video Kitchen team!

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