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It is no secret that videos are taking over social media. That’s because 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. Regardless of whether your brand’s main channel is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, professional social media videos are an absolute must to build awareness and promote your business.

LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post ( 


Why you should invest in professional social media video production

While smartphones have enabled everyone to produce social media video content in a matter of seconds, audiences have become more demanding and more critical. Producing professional, polished social media videos is no longer just optional for brands, but important to protect reputation online. Skilful storytelling, understanding the impact of different device sizes, as well as producing for ‘no sound’ experiences are just three important factors to consider. Here in Hong Kong where Cantonese is the dominant language while English is widely used in business settings having an effective localisation strategy is also critical.

How much do great social media videos cost?

At The Video Kitchen we can produce LinkedIn or Facebook videos that will be the best fit for even the most cost aware companies:

The Startup Package

Four Hour Shoot
(HK$15,000 fee)

If you need low-budget videos to populate your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn feed then this option is right for you. Within the four hour time frame you can expect us to deliver one video with a length of 2 minutes The fee for this entry-level video is HK$15,000 and to make sure that you are fully satisfied we include up to two rounds of revisions.

The SME Package

One day shoot + Two days of editing
(HK$30,000 fee)

If you are starting to get serious and are considering to invest in Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn ads, you will require more variety in your social media asserts. Videos are a great way to engage audiences and promote your brand. In this case our ‘SME Package’ is ideal for you. Within one day we can typically shoot 2 minutes of footage. All that for a fee of only HK$30,000, that includes a full day of shooting, plus two days of editing.

THE Corporate Package

Two day shoot + Four days of editing
(HK$40,000 fee)

This package is the right fit for companies looking to launch sophisticated campaigns to promote their brand or the latest product release. We are happy to also work directly with your social media or PR agency to consult on the most effective way to help your brand shine. The base fee for this service is HK$40,000. We will produce 3 minutes of social media optimised footage. For longer shoots, feel free to reach out to us to get a bespoke quote in just 24 hours.

Why The Video Kitchen?

We are a highly experienced social video agency and we have worked with Hong Kong brands such as [insert client names]: They love working with us for three simple reasons:

We have earned our 5-star repudiation by consistently delivering high quality work and going the extra mile for our clients.

We are highly experienced working with clients from a wide range of industries, including: [list industries] As a result we understand subtle differences in style, look-and-feel and brand personality. We are also highly sensitive to local Hong Kong culture while delivering to quality international standards.

Our prices are highly competitive and unmatched in the Hong Kong market.

" I worked with the Video Kitchen team on a project to raise awareness of my brand on social media. The team came up with the concept and helped me with execution, resulting in six, professional, short videos. Great for giving people valuable information during the #COVID19 crisis and ongoing for the future "

– Caroline Langston from Successful Consultants Limited

And here is some of our work

cathay pacific video


Social Media Video



Social Media Video



Social Media Video

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And pssst, hurry, while DBiz funding applications are still being accepted. The only thing that is better than a low-budget corporate video is a 100% Hong Kong government funded corporate video.
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