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Events Package’

“Our event was a success! But no one captured it!”

Whether it’s a small professional Q&A forum in your office, a product show, or a full-on convention or if you are a thriving business, events company, company start up or product launch, you invest a lot of money and hard work in creating a successful experience for your clients, customers, staff and or investors. Don’t let all of your hard work and time go to waste by letting your event go by without capturing your event for future reference, internal and external distribution and your archive.


An event video is crucial for marketing success because it creates an emotional and visceral connection with your brand. It has the ability to spark excitement, drive engagement and capture the essence of your company’s DNA.


Finding engaging and relevant content to publish takes a lot of time and effort. 

A Video Kitchen event video can help you fill the digital content gaps you maybe experiencing.  Video is one of the most engaging mediums of content and can help drive traffic and sales more effectively than other forms of content. Event videos can be used almost anywhere in your digital strategy. Videos can be uploaded to your website, on your home page, on your Linkedin, Facebook or YouTube page, it can be twitted or posted in blogs.  They can be included in email communications, in your sales pitches, and on your social media.  Embedding your event video on an ad landing page is a great way to drive interest and sales.


Our producers look at creative ways to shoot your event from every angle using gimbals, sliders, time-lapse, interviews and even drones.


We have extensive experience shooting events for companies such as British Telecom and Cisco.


We create interesting ways to capture the atmosphere of your event so you can have a professional video production to share with clients, partners, your staff and social media.


We also can be a part of your event’s success by making video content to be played at your event, ranging from messages from key executives of your company, Coming soon videos, testimonials and moral busting entertaining concept videos for staff holiday parties.


We can start from a simply 2 camera set up to a multi-camera live switching set up.


Our events package includes: Director/Producer


2 camera men plus a third camera.


Interview kit and lighting.


8 hour day includes set up and pack up.


Delivery of 2 min video


Contact us today and let’s start a conversation about how we can make your event go from zero to hero!

At The Video Kitchen we create a cornucopia of video content for our diverse clients, specifically catered to their brand’s needs. Save time by chopping out the hassle of confusing quotations. Make a reservation with our creative team and jump to the front of the queue to take your seat at our table of creativity.

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