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Testimonial Package

“I love this brand!”

HK$ 15K

When people love your brand everyone needs to know about it.

Testimonials are a powerful tool that creates more brand trust and loyalty, it also increases your brand exposure and connectivity to your clients and customers, therefore increasing sales.

At The Video Kitchen, our testimonials will highlight your product from the customer’s point of view, for instance;

  • Why does the customer or service user like your product?
  • What product features is the favourite of the customer?
  • What features of your product sets it apart from the competition?
  • What makes you trust your product?
  • You’ve tried other products and you have chosen your brand. How the customer use your product in new and innovative ways.

All these topics, statements and questions can be answered in a testimonial video.

And The Video Kitchen is here to help you with that…

Our camera crew will come to you with our green screen package and shoot as many high-definition testimonials videos as you like over a 4 hour period. We then charge for each completed video delivered.

Depending on your media plan, you may only want to use a social media strategy and create a shorter video 15, 30 or 45 sec. There are no rules, every recipe production is bespoke to maximise your brand communication.

We are here to listen to you and your needs. Therefore, your testimonial video can accommodate this package or be expanded. Just talk to your team to see how that can happen.

Your completed testimonial video will sit perfectly on powerful social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram & YouTube.

Now’s the time to increase your brand profile with a professional high quality testimonial video! Your brand need it!

Your only one click away from creating video content that will raise your brands profile and penetrate your business sector.

At The Video Kitchen we create a cornucopia of video content for our diverse clients, specifically catered to their brand’s needs. Save time by chopping out the hassle of confusing quotations. Make a reservation with our creative team and jump to the front of the queue to take your seat at our table of creativity.

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