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Video Meetings & Testimonials

Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build trust with potential customers and to help grow your business during these challenging times. Personal meetings can be difficult to set up and establishing reliability by proxy is a great way to push a lead across the finish line. Sending through a short, convincing video testimonial that feels real and demonstrates how your product or service can help them solve a problem is worth gold. The importance of professional video meetings is clear to Hong Kong businesses as many have switched to work-from-home models and fully embrace the ‘zoom age’.

89% of enterprise organizations see much higher (~25%) and dramatically higher (over 50%) conversion rates when testimonial videos are used in marketing campaigns (

Producing video testimonials that sell in a matter of days

Producing video testimonials can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. As a Hong Kong based video production house we can help you shoot professional employee, customer and client testimonial videos in a matter of hours. Our high degree of flexibility and professionalism means that processes that used to take weeks or even months, can be compressed into days or hours while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Which budget is right for you?

We understand that every day you wait for our work is a day that you can’t reach full sales potential. For that reason we offer packages that will perfectly match your needs with regard to time and budget:

The Startup Package

Four Hour Shoot
(HK$15,000 fee)

If you need straightforward testimonials and ad hoc video meeting support then this option is right for you: We will be on-site for up to four hour. During that time we can typically deliver up to [how many? One?] videos with a length of [x-y minutes] each. The fee for this entry-level video is HK$15,000 and to make sure that you are fully satisfied we include up to two rounds of revisions.

The SME Package

One day shoot + Two days of editing
(HK$30,000 fee)

If you want to make sure that everything is pitch perfect and that your testimonials videos highlight all important selling points, or if your video meetings take up more time, we suggest the SME package. Within one day we can typically shoot [x-y minutes] of footage. All that for a fee of only HK$30,000, that includes a full day of shooting, plus two days of editing.

THE Corporate Package

Two day shoot + Four days of editing
(HK$40,000 fee)

According to 78% of enterprise organisations report an ROI of 100% or more from their investment in testimonial videos. We have seen similar results with our clients. To produce highly polished video testimonials that will make an impact we commend our corporate package. For a base fee of HK$40,000 you will receive [x-y minutes] of professional footage. For longer shoots, feel free to reach out to us to get a bespoke quote in just 24 hours.

Why The Video Kitchen?

There are three reasons why leading Hong Kong [insert client names] trust us to shoot their testimonials and video meetings:

We have earned our 5-star repudiation by consistently delivering high quality work and going the extra mile for our clients.

We are highly experienced working with clients from a wide range of industries, including: [list industries] As a result we understand how to best represent our clients in an authentic way. Video testimonials need to be believable in order for them to be effective.

Our prices are highly competitive and unmatched in the Hong Kong market.

" I worked with the Video Kitchen team on a project to raise awareness of my brand on social media. The team came up with the concept and helped me with execution, resulting in six, professional, short videos. Great for giving people valuable information during the #COVID19 crisis and ongoing for the future "

– Caroline Langston from Successful Consultants Limited

And here is some of our work

cathay pacific video


Social Media Video



Social Media Video



Social Media Video

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And pssst, hurry, while DBiz funding applications are still being accepted. The only thing that is better than a low-budget corporate video is a 100% Hong Kong government funded corporate video.
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