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Interview Package

“When your company executives need to communicate…”

HK$ 30K

Staff communications from company executives & CEOs represent some of the most useful conversations a business leader will have with its staff. Setting business goals and crafting an organisational strategy is obviously very important, but the way these are then shared with employees is equally valuable.


In the current business environment, with the increase in mobile working, there are many different ways to engage and communicate with staff. Email and digital communications remain popular, but over the past few years there has been an incredible increase in video conferencing and meetings.


Communicating with your employees, is still valuable to convey information in an effective manner. Companies and business leaders that communicate with their staff directly see increases in performance and engagement from their staff across the board.


There have been a number of studies that highlight the benefits that CEOs can realise from communicating effectively with their employees, especially if they can utilise creative strategies like videos to improve engagement.


The research has found a clear link between employee job satisfaction and communication, with frequent communications increases staff engagement.

CEO and management credibility is also linked to good staff communication.


The most common communication platforms are being neglected these days, with an increasing number of staff ignoring employer’s emails because of “inbox stress overload”.


It is clear that over the past few years video communication has taken over from traditional communication tools. For CEOs and managers this means, keeping employees engaged through their communications requires creativity and variety to truly reach individual employees.


Much like any other communications, employees will be looking for a story that positions your core message within a broader narrative about the company and its growth. This will cut through the clutter and warrant attention, because the information is presented in a different way.


Applying this mindset can take some practice for CEOs and managers, especially those that might be used to short, sharp communications with staff. However, the benefits include greater engagement among workers and the ability to locate complex or technical problems within a bigger picture that can keep employees from switching off.


Mastering communications with staff doesn’t have to be difficult. Done well, it can offer a significant boost to your business and ensure workers are listening to what you have to say.


This is where the Video Kitchen can help you. With our vast experience in performance lead communications our team will guide you to make your best performance.


Using a 2 camera set up with film quality equipment we can create an engaging story in a simple and straight forward setting in your office.


You can choose to film in our office with a teleprompter or choose a larger setting depending on your requirements.

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